Advance Fort Lauderdale is the second phase of a two part project to update the City of Fort Lauderdale Comprehensive Plan. Phase I, which included the preparation of the Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) of the current 2008 Comprehensive Plan, is completed and was adopted by the City Commission in February 2016.  In Phase II, the City will update Volume I of the Comprehensive Plan, which contains the goals, objectives, and policies. The purpose is to provide an up-to-date, user-friendly, and illustrative document for use by the Fort Lauderdale community in achieving a sustainable city.

This Comprehensive Plan update incorporates the aspirations and themes from many of the City's efforts, starting with the City's Strategic and Vision plans (Press Play Strategic Plan 2018, and Fast Forward Vision Plan 2035). The findings from more than a dozen reports -- including Connect the Blocks, Complete Streets Manual, and the Downtown Master Plan -- also help to guide the overall revision process. One of the most important pieces of this process, however, is public engagement and participation - you!


Advance Fort Lauderdale is the second phase of a two part project to update the City of Fort Lauderdale Comprehensive Plan. The first part of the project involved a data and analysis review, and the second part (currently) involves incorporating public input, ensuring regulations are met, and fine-tuning how exactly the City can achieve its vision for the future:













The Fort Lauderdale Comprehensive Plan strives to be a Plan that addresses the needs and aspirations of the community while addressing the requirements of Florida’s growth management system. The Plan is required to be consistent with the State Comprehensive Plan (Chapter 187, Florida Statutes), Strategic Regional Policy Plan for South Florida, and Broward County Comprehensive Plan. It provides the City with long-term direction through goal statements as well as short--term objectives and policies to guide implementation efforts:


OUTPUTS, or results, from this Comprehensive Plan will be:

  • resiliency in the face of climate change,

  • achieving sustainability at all levels,

  • meeting current and future infrastructure needs,

  • providing housing for current and future needs,

  • increasing multi-modal transportation options,

  • enhancing the City's sense of place, and

  • taking advantage of the City's economic opportunities

A number of inputs are brought together in order to form the best version of the Comprehensive Plan. Previously--compiled documents and reports are analyzed alongside the data from the Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR); existing City practices and policies are determined and analyzed; best practices from the nation's leading cities are researched; and public opinions and recommendations are gathered and compiled. While there is a lot of behind--the--scenes work in updated the Comprehensive Plan, we're doing our best to not only be transparent in the process, but also to include the public -- you!







The Comprehensive Plan process incorporates (1) public input, and (2) projected future demographics, employment, and growth to formulate policies that will help the City achieve its vision. These policies are then reviewed by City staff, and presented for recommendations by the City Planning and Zoning Board:

The City’s Planning & Zoning Board (PZB) is comprised of nine appointed members who each serve three-year terms. The purpose of the Planning & Zoning Board is to investigate and study the City’s Comprehensive Plan and review various development proposals.

Then, it is approved by the City Commission, reviewed by the Broward County Planning Council and adopted as well by as the Broward County Staff and Commission. During this process, the Florida State Department of Economic Opportunity also reviews the Comprehensive Plan to ensure that it is consistent with state law. Public input is available throughout the process, and culminates with the two public hearings for adoption.

INPUTS, or guiding information, for this Comprehensive Plan are: ​

  • Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR)

  • Data Inventory and Analysis

  • Existing City practices and policies

  • Best practices from the nation's leading cities

  • Public opinion and recommendations


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