Eric Ketterling
Jan 10

Reducing Transportation Costs



#AdvanceFortLauderdale aims to reduce the transportation costs by placing #AffordableHousing options closer to transit. If your transportation costs were reduced, what would you be able to do with the savings?

New Posts
  • Eric Ketterling
    Jan 15

    #AdvanceFortLauderdale supports the construction of diverse #AffordableHousing types to include single-family detached, attached and duplex housing, multi-family, and manufactured homes. What are some examples of affordable housing types you find to be well integrated within the community?
  • Eric Ketterling
    Jan 10

    Within the #Housing element, one of the principles in #AdvanceFortLauderdale is to support quality development and revitalization that promotes energy efficient and climate adaptive design and construction methods. What are some energy efficient methods found in your home and neighborhood?
  • Eric Ketterling
    Jan 10

    #AdvanceFortLauderdale and the #Housing element promote live, work, and play environments within our city. By providing accessibility to supporting services and amenities, each neighborhood can be an area where residents can enjoy. What are some of your neighborhood’s favorite characteristics and why?

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