Q: What is the purpose of a Comprehensive Plan?

A: The Comprehensive Plan will help guide the City of Fort Lauderdale:

  • To create a unifying vision that integrates the many existing and ongoing planning and development efforts across the city

  • To help balance and align core service delivery and long range planning with City Commission and neighbors strategic priorities

  • To highlight key aspirations, challenges, and opportunities that will define Fort Lauderdale in the coming decades

  • To set principles and priorities about where the city should be devoting its time, attention, and investment

  • To help guide decision-making with respect to the key ongoing challenges

  • To outline specific goals and strategies for addressing each of these challenges and opportunities

  • To create a resource to inform policy decisions over the lifespan of the plan

  • To develop a high-level methodology for implementing and measuring progress, including periodic updates to create a living document

Q: What are the state requirements for Comprehensive Plans?

A: Each municipality must have a Comprehensive Plan adopted by ordinance.  The state of Florida has required municipalities to have an adopted comprehensive plan since 1989.

Section 163.311 of the Florida Statutes outlines the contents for comprehensive plans. Find a link to the specific Florida Statute here.

Q: What is the planning process for updating a Comprehensive Plan?

A: The Comprehensive Plan process incorporates (1) public input, (2) existing master plans, and (3) a review of existing data on land uses, projected population, transportation, infrastructure facilities, parks, and schools to formulate policies that will help the City achieve its vision. These policies are then reviewed by City staff, and presented for recommendations by the City Planning and Zoning Board:

The City’s Planning & Zoning Board (PZB) is comprised of nine appointed members who each serve three-year terms. The purpose of the Planning & Zoning Board is to investigate and study the City’s Comprehensive Plan and review various development proposals.

Then, it is approved by the City Commission, reviewed by the Broward County Planning Council and adopted as well by the Broward County Commission. During this process, the Florida State Department of Economic Opportunity also reviews the Comprehensive Plan to ensure that it is consistent with state law. Public input is available throughout the process, and culminates with the two public hearings for adoption. 

Q: How and why do we update the Comprehensive Plan?

A: Cities must evaluation their Comprehensive Plan Every so often, the Comprehensive Plan needs to be updated in order to ensure that the PlanCity meets state requirements. In addition, the Comprehensive Plan needs to meet state--mandated requirements, incorporate recommendations from the  The Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) is also an opportunity to review existing Plan goals, objectives and policie to see if they reflect current, and integrate various Master Plans city master plans, studies, reports, and community objectives for future development.

Q: How does City staff use the Comprehensive Plan?

A: The City uses the Comprehensive Plan to review development projects based upon infrastructure concurrency, livability, and protection of established evaluations of future projects and local needs. In addition, the Comprehensive Plan is used to seek out or allocate funding or seek outside sources of funding for projects in order to achieve the long term vision of the City. 

Q: How do I stay informed about upcoming meetings and workshops throughout this process?

A: Sign up for our Mailing List at the bottom of this page, or on the Contact Us page!

Q: How does this plan incorporate past planning efforts?

A: The City adopted the Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale Vision 2035 Plan in 2013. The Vision Plan, based on an extensive and innovative public involvement process, provides aspirational visions, expressed in six “vision directions”, that reflect the kind of community Fort Lauderdale would like to be in 2035. The City also adopted Press Play Fort Lauderdale Our City, Our Strategic Plan 2018 in 2013. The Strategic Plan aligned 12 aspiration goals, 38 objectives, 191 strategic initiatives, and 142 performance indicators under the Vision Plan’s Vision Directions and five “Cylinders of Excellence”. This Comprehensive Plan update presents an opportunity to align the Vision 2035 Plan and the Strategic Plan with the Comprehensive Plan.

Q: How is Advance Fort Lauderdale different from other Comprehensive Plan Amendments?

A: Although there are opportunities to periodically revise the Plan, these revisions often occur as the result of outside development applications. Periodically, the City needs to step back and take a holistic look at how well the Plan is working, and how it might be refined to address community-specific issues and challenges.

Q: How will the Comprehensive Plan address Climate Change and its effects on Fort Lauderdale?

A: Climate change is one of the key challenges facing the world today. Ultimately, climate adaptation must be planned for and implemented at the local level. There are a number of actions that local governments can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other contributions to climate change. These actions include: reducing vehicle miles traveled through the provision of alternative transportation, promoting compact land use, discouraging sprawl, and encouraging green building construction. The updated Comprehensive Plan will also include a new Climate Change Element.

Q: What opportunities will I have to provide input to the plan for issues that are important to me?

A: The project team wants to hear from you. This website has a community comment forum for each topic of the plan where everyone is welcome to provide comments and or ask questions. There will also be a series of public workshops located throughout the City during the entire process. Additionally, there will be public hearings at the City Commission and the County Commission levels.

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